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1 FAQ on FPSEce on Mon Apr 12, 2010 8:22 pm


FAQ it is made on the basis of the information from forums wituclub.ru and 4pda.ru
It is translated from Russian

There are 2 versions of this emulator: paid and free. The description of the paid version will more low go.

The General view of a functional part of the emulator:

The Control panel a sound
Buttons MainVol / CDs Vol / XA vol change values of level of a sound of the emulator / musical paths of rum / a postscoring.
The note. In the theory if rum has been compressed by means of program PocketISO exhibiting of values of CD Vol and XA Vol on a zero, should raise productivity on 20 %. Sound level is displayed in an informative window to the left of regulators

Buttons: an exit (deduction), loading of a new disk to curtail the emulator
That from the emulator it would be necessary to leave kept some seconds the exit button, yet we will not see something similar ">>>>>>>> x" after that we release the button.

Buttons of turn of the screen (right/is left) in a landscape mode
Ways to pass back in a portrait mode:
1. OnTap in the right top corner of the screen.
2. Before emulator start it is included accelerometer (if it is) and then turn will be automatic.

Preservation and loading Buttons

The switching Panel between joysticks (usual/analog/pistol), and as the panel of adjustment FS (FramSkip)
FrameSkip varies between values 0 and 9. Literally (literary) - the admission of shots, тобиш not you will see all shots, but it is a little appreciable an eye. If FS the big you will put that for example at the admission 5 of a series of 30 shots you you will see 1, 6 and so on through 5. The picture can twitch a little (smoothness vanishes), but о5 at small FS is not so appreciable, and gameability raises much more.

Transition in the menu of appointment a hard of buttons
By pressing it окошк there are options depending on the chosen kind joystick. Figures designate skan-codes of buttons. The small window similar to the screen of phone, show an operating mode of the emulator, which 3: the first mode - management with the help accelerometer, management of buttons adjusted on tap-zones, management with the help stylus. There is a function of appointment to one tap-zone of several keys simultaneously multikey. Works as follows: choose number of a cell 1-8 and press a combination of buttons the necessary. After that go to the menu of appointment of buttons on tap-zones and choose the necessary cell with number

Transition in the menu of adjustment of "tap-zones"
Serves for appointment of buttons to necessary places - tap-zones.
Quantity of tap-zones the changed. They settle down in a grid in the size from 2х2 to 6х7 cages. The sizes of a grid vary by means of a dagger (to the right of a grid)
Control - the function key joystick is appointed on tap-zone.
Mode - includes switches off parametre "sticking" buttons, it is necessary to understand as it that if function "sticking" is included, it is necessary to press the button of 1 time that it remained pressed to a following contact.
Icon - the window displays a button symbol, i.e. what image will be displayed on the screen.
Hue - colour of a symbol of the button.
D-pad - Includes display to the screen of standard elements joystick, we press on it, yet we will not find an arrangement convenient for us.

Mode Inclusion gamepad

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2 Re: FAQ on FPSEce on Mon Apr 12, 2010 8:41 pm


Activation G-Sensor (Works not on all devices)

Choose the second variant of the controller in the basic menu.

Open the menu of appointment a hard of buttons
• In a rectangle under left analogue joystick choose a designation g-sensor
• Return to the basic menu.

Open the menu of adjustment of "tap-zones"
• In an empty zone, choose the button "Activate g-sensor"
• Vybirite a mode of keeping of "tap-zone"
• Vybirite an icon of display of "tap-zone"
• G-Sensor it is activated. For work G-Sensor in game, it is necessary to press chosen "tap-zone". For switching-off G-Sensor, once again it is necessary to press "tap-zone".

In addition, it is possible to activate display of work G-sensor

Open the menu of adjustment of "tap-zones"
• In an empty zone choose the button "left analogue joystick"
• Choose an icon of display of "tap-zone" [

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